29 May 2009

Movie Review: Miss March


Miss March
2009, 90mins, R
Director (s): Zach Cregger, Trevor Moore
Writer (s): Zach Cregger, Trevor Moore
Cast includes: Zach Cregger, Trevor Moore, Raquel Alessi, Craig Robinson, Molly Stanton, Sara Jean Underwood
Release Date: 13th March 2009

“Miss March” is a stunningly unremarkable slice of American comedy, taking a well worn road trip formula and peppering it in old age sex jokes, resulting in an experience so unnecessary that it legitimately is a waste of time. There are a few witty exchanges located and at least a degree of enthusiasm from the writer/director/ acting duo of Cregger and Moore, but sadly a passion for the project won’t amount to much without any genuine skill, and in all three creative departments the boys hit a fairly bum note. It’s unlikely to be the very worst comedy of the year but that’s about the heftiest praise you can throw in the direction of the shockingly passive and unimaginative “Miss March”.

The story is a thinly veiled chance for the filmmakers to endorse Playboy and carry off a road trip picture. Eugene (Zach Cregger) is a rarity, a teenage boy stuck on the staunch principals of virginity and waiting until marriage. Girlfriend Cindi (Raquel Alessi) has supported his beliefs for two years, but knowing that Eugene is her real love, she wants to get intimate on Prom night. However thanks to a bout of nerves and sex crazed friend Tucker (Trevor Moore) he gets wasted, ends up hitting his head and not only misses the chance to have sex with Cindi, but is also shot into a four year coma. Upon waking up the only person to have stayed by his side is Tucker, and whilst Cindi has long since left the scene, her location is no mystery. She is one of the top Playmates at the Playboy mansion and in a bid to win her back Tucker suggests driving up to find her, so Eugene can finally lose his cherry with the girl he loves. Of course being a road trip movie we’re also treated to some crazy characters and situations including a superstar rapper, vengeful girlfriend, horny lesbians and a blood crazed fire service.

I giggled a few times during “Miss March” but not with enough conviction or regularity for me to even approach recommending the film, the lightweight laugh ratio and shamefully uninventive template to obvious and annoying for anyone to be satisfied by Cregger and Moore’s onscreen shenanigans. The duo are part of a relatively popular comedy group, but a lot of their humor must be lost without the rest of their posse, because very little of “Miss March” is actually funny. 13 year old boys might find it a little more laugh inducing than most, but the R rating locks them out, and everyone else is only going to feel disappointed by the banal lunacy on show. Any real comedy success is located in the dialogue, the various large scale laugh desiring moments are left wanting, Cregger and Moore handicapped with an entirely stale set of genre staples to hang their flimsy enterprise on.

The performances from the leads are energetic but amateurish, they try hard, but given their inexperience as both actors and directors the film comes across as a horribly slapdash production in both respects. The caliber of jokes is patchy at best but in creating believable relationships and character motivation Cregger and Moore are simply lazy. This is probably the movie’s biggest discrepancy, and only serves to highlight the unoriginal and unintelligent nature of the picture. Nobody comes to a playboy sex comedy looking for IQ puzzling cinema, but a believable reason for partaking on the ludicrously thoughtless road trip would be nice, instead of the pre-heated stinker of a fairly the production rams down viewers throats.

The raunch value isn’t as high here as in some over recent productions, there are a few fleeting moments of T&A along with a plethora of crass sex jokes, but overall it fails to even fully ignite in this simple respect. Thumbs up to Craig Robinson for handing in another amusing supporting role as hip-hop star Horsedick. MPEG, but even he can’t fully elevate the benign and ineffective humor that populates this project. Look out for appearances from playmate Sara Jean Underwood and Mr. Hefner himself in a wonderfully self indulgent piece of endorsement (he’s like a more sexually rapacious Gandalf…you know?) both out for a little extra financial bounty. “Miss March” is a crude and rude misfire, funny on a few rare instances but mostly just unashamedly ordinary and generic. Fans of the leading boys or maybe vulgar fratboy flicks might want to give “Miss March a go, otherwise just buy the magazine on which it’s based. You’ll get better nudity and jokes, and that’s a guarantee.

A review by Daniel Kelly, 2009


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