19 May 2009

Ritchie's Sherlock Holme's reboot gets a trailer, and it's err.....very action packed?

Love or loathe him nobody quite intrigues like Guy Ritchie, the British filmmaker behind some of the surprise hits of the past 15 years, and some of the periods most notorious flops. Now the trailer for his anticipated rethink of Sherlock Holmes has gone online, and in truth it looks pretty good. A little more explosion ridden and action packed than anything Conan Doyle wrote, but still entertaining. Downey Jnr. looks a good choice for the lead part after all, and whilst Jude Law is always an unpredictable commodity, the reliable Mark Strong is looking like a solid bad guy. Rachel McAdams also spends the majority of the trailer prancing around and kicking people in a skimpy corset, never a bad thing. "Sherlock Holmes" is in theaters Christmas Day.


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