6 May 2009

Wolverine and Deadpool get further X-Men installments

News broke today that after "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"'s $87 million opening weekend, further mutant prequels are soon to follow. "Magneto" has already been in the early stages of development but more interestingly are a sequel for Wolverine, and a full feature for the character of Deadpool. Deadpool was portrayed by Ryan Reynolds in last week's superhero smash, and whilst the film as a whole was met with mixed response, Reynold's was consistently given compliments. That film has just been announced and no doubt writers are already being considered, but a plot for Wolverine's next adventure is already apparently concrete. In a mirror of the comic books Jackman's beast will be deported to Japan for the next movie, where again action should rule supreme.

Is this good news, or just milking a half dead goat dry?


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