4 June 2009

John Moore to direct "Kidnap".

Irishman John Moore (“The Omen”, “Max Payne”) is being touted to direct “Kidnap” the latest revenge movie entering pre-production, this time under the guidance of Fox Searchlight. The project will center around a mother whose child is kidnapped at the local mall, and will follow her attempts to get him back and presumably enact vengeance on the abductors. Lorenzo di Bonaventura who produced “Transformers” and its upcoming sequel is set to fulfill the same duties on this one, but little else is known at this point.

I’m a fan of Moore’s and after the underrated “Max Payne” would rather he steered away from revenge sagas, and got on with adapting “The Book of Lost Things” an adaptation of John Connolly’s fine fantasy novel of the same name, and with which he has now been attached for nearly two years. Still if he can bring his visual pang and ability to conduct good action and moments of tension then I suppose “Kidnap” could be decent. Plus, with the like of “Taken” having made abduction movies pretty popular at the moment this could turn good coin, and Moore might get better financing for “The Book of Lost Things” in the long run.

I’ll keep you updated on this one.


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