30 June 2009

New "Jennifer's Body" stills

I've been hotly anticipating "Jennifer's Body" for nearly a year now and whilst we have to wait until September to see the damned film, a host of new stills have gone online via Empire. The Diablo Cody penned horror/comedy see's a hot cheerleader (Megan Fox) invaded by a demon thus going on an all male killing spree. I've read the script and it's pretty cool whilst the cast also tickles my fancy. This is Diablo Cody's second writing gig after her Oscar winning debut with 2007's "Juno" and there are alot of expectations thrust on the blog queen to rediscover her form and cook up another hit.

"Jennifer's Body" is out 18th September 2009


Anonymous said...

FINALLY, somebody else who thinks it's going to be a sick movie!

Anonymous said...

cant wait for this film! love megan and amanda!

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