9 August 2011

"The Skin I Live In" in cinemas August 26th.

Master filmmaker Pedro Almodovar returns to cinemas this month with “The Skin I Live In”, starring superstar Antonio Banderas (“The Legend of Zorro”). A haunting and striking film, “The Skin I Live In” follows a grief-stricken plastic surgeon (Banderas), as he attempts to create a synthetic skin that can withstand any damage. The subject of his experimentation is a mysterious woman (Elena Anaya), but will she be enough to help the mad scientist achieve his fleshy goal, and simultaneously recover from the sadness of his past?

Almodovar is amongst the most influential and consistently inspired visionaries on the European art house circuit, reason enough then for viewers to anticipate and revel in this, his latest creation. With a strong cast and a predictably offbeat narrative device at his disposal, Almodovar looks to have concocted something pretty special here. Of course aside from the icky central premise audiences can expect an onslaught of well developed and substantially more mature themes, a filmmaker of Almodovar’s calibre unlikely to have made a picture without a tortured yet compelling soul. Strongly reviewed by critics and applauded by the lucky few audiences that have seen it, “The Skin I Live In” is a suspenseful, heartfelt and very probably unforgettable viewing experience. The film opens at selected outlets in the UK this August 26th. Make sure you catch it.

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