12 September 2011

"The Holding" on DVD now!

“The Holding” arrives on DVD today, moving on from the short theatrical release it enjoyed this weekend past. Crafted on a tight £3,000,000 budget, the picture is suspenseful affair, with a motley crew of local British thespians propping proceedings up. “The Holding” marks the feature length debut of helmer Susan Jacobson, a filmmaker with plenty of hands on technical experience in the British film industry. This expertise and the picture’s tightly wound premise should result in a rewardingly gripping viewing experience.

“The Holding” is a chilling thriller set on a farm in the Peak District, the movie managing its budgetary constraints by shooting in beautiful and authentic locations. On DVD the scenery is sure to look sprightly, adding to the calibre of the production at large. “The Holding “is currently available to buy on amazon.co.uk for £9.99, where as of this date, it boasts a perfect 5-star user rating. The film stars Terry Stone (“Rise of the Foot Soldier”), Georgia Groome (Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging”), David Bradley (the “Harry Potter” franchise) and Vincent Regan (“Clash of the Titans”).

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