9 May 2012

Sponsored Video: "The Dictator" in cinemas May 16th

Sacha Baron Cohen is back in UK cinemas on the 16th of May with his zaniest character yet. The “Borat” and “Bruno” creator will head up “The Dictator”, his first scripted motion picture as a leading actor and quite possibly his funniest and most absurdist endeavour to date. Cohen plays a Middle Eastern dictator who on arrival in the States has his identity scrambled, leaving him penniless, homeless and clueless on the streets of New York. The film will also feature Anna Faris (“Scary Movie”, “The House Bunny”), John C. Reilly (“Step Brothers” ,“Cyrus”) and Sir Ben Kingsley (“Ghandi”, “Shutter Island”). Like Cohen’s other notable creations “The Dictator” seeks to blend crudity, satire, social commentary and outrageous gags to entertain, enlighten and disgust audiences in equal measure.

Cohen has been very prominent on the promotional circuit this year, appearing in character at numerous events, including his now infamous confrontation with Ryan Seacrest at the 2012 Academy Awards. Fans of “Borat” and “Bruno” can also rest easy in knowing that Larry Charles (the filmmaker behind both those works) is back in the director’s chair, hoping to rack up another certifiable hit for both him and Cohen in the process. “The Dictator” is on wide release in UK cinemas from May 16th and promises to be a remarkable treat for comedy fans everywhere! An ability to stomach controversial, political, sexual, irreverent and hysterical humour is a must though!

Check out the trailer in the video above!

http://unr.ly/Key1Yh - IMDB Page
http://unr.ly/KHCygB - The Dictator - Official Website

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