10 September 2013

Catherine Hardwicke's "Plush" looks like a hybrid of "Thirteen", "The Runaways" and "The Roommate". Baptise your children now


So this is the trailer for Catherine Hardwicke’s latest magnum opus “Plush”. Just watch it. Go on. I dare you. And you thought “Twilight” and “Thirteen” were poorly shot, melodramatic pieces of drivel. On the plus side it stars Cam Gigandet. Oh wait, fuck, that’s anything but a positive. The film opens Stateside in September. No UK release date yet. I can only hope it stays that way.

I don’t usually write thought-pieces on trailers, but after watching this I had to pen something. Then I watched it again and realised life’s too short. So consider this a piece. Just sans thought.

On a side-note Emily Browning’s choice of project is alarming. A Zack Snyder movie. This Hardwicke governed exercise in banality. The upcoming Paul W.S Anderson spectacular. If she next stars in a Brett Ratner movie it is certifiable proof that she’s a sorceress attempting to complete some sort of unholy covenant with Lucifer.

Or that she needs to fire her agent. 


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