21 November 2013

Sound-Tracking 2013 #1 - Steve Jablonsky

Composer Steve Jablonsky
In the coming weeks I’ve decided to sample some of 2013’s best movie music. Music is an integral component of both the film-making and viewing processes, so it seems fitting to plug the interim between now and the year’s end with some choice selections. Each entry will comprise of two tracks either from the SAME MOVIE or from the SAME COMPOSER. Today I’m going with the latter, providing Steve Jablonsky’s work on “Ender’s Game” and “Pain & Gain” with a chance to take centre stage. I was a big fan of “Pain & Gain” and less enamoured by the flawed “Ender’s Game”, but in both features Jablonsky moulds the essence of story with his own distinctive, electronically influenced style. It’s particularly rewarding to see the composer attempt and succeed in delivering something more traditional with the operatic melodies of “Ender’s Game”, but the pulpy, pulsing music for “Pain & Gain” also wonderfully personifies that film’s wobbling moral compass and kinetic aesthetic. Enjoy some sample tracks below.
"Ender's War" from the soundtrack of "Ender's Game"

"I Got Saved" from the soundtrack of "Pain & Gain"


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