9 December 2013

Sound-Tracking 2013 #4 - Hans Zimmer

This sound-tracking project is actually becoming a rather amazing way to recalibrate my opinions on the year’s movie music. So far we've tackled hectic 1920s soirees, pensive science-fiction and steroidal morons, leaving today’s instalment to examine one great composer, two lacklustre behemoths but a swathe of exhilarating Hollywood motifs. Today’s picks are tracks from Hans Zimmer’s scores for “Man of Steel” (dreadful movie, awards calibre score) and “The Lone Ranger” (incredibly patchy blockbuster with some great melodic throwbacks). The “Ranger” score definitely works better within the context of the movie, with director Gore Verbinski at least able to afford the piece enough manic tomfoolery to utilise Zimmer’s sweeping compositions effectively. It’s old school serial film-making, and the music is happy to uphold the tradition in thunderously listenable fashion. On the other hand Snyder’s dull and incomprehensibly soulless Superman reboot couldn't be saved by a Will Smith cameo, proof the moon-landing was faked or a real Tyrannosaur Rex being credited among the cast; Zimmer’s music thusly lost in the onerous action and trite pontificating. However when absorbed on its own, the music really captures an electric and epic sensibility, finding Zimmer in inspired genre form. Included below are two samples. 

Finale - The Lone Ranger 

What Are You Going to Do When You're Not Saving the World? - Man of Steel 


Anonymous said...

Been a damned good year for Zimmer, cannot disregard his score for Rush as well. Quite how he managed to balance doing these three big pictures in one year is something else!

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