31 December 2013

Sound-Tracking 2013 #5 - Stoker

Happy New Year folks! Firstly as the final hours of 2013 elapse, and we all prepare to celebrate, I would like to thank anybody and everybody for reading my blog. 2013 was a much better year for output than 2012, and my ambitions for 2014 (Including a complete - and much needed - design revamp) are boundless. Without you guys taking the time to read, it wouldn't be worth doing and so my most ebullient appreciation is yours. 

The final post of 2013 is quite possibly the culmination of my "sound-tracking" project. I had originally intended to arrange ten posts, but with a late surge in reviewing and the annual end of year obligations interfering, it looks like things will halt at five. Maybe. But fear not, as I intend to make the "sound-tracking" element a more regular feature, continuing uninterrupted through the year, and not just its dying weeks. 

I will be brief on the final picks, both arising from the sound-track of Chan-Wook Park's Hitchcockian thriller "Stoker". An elegantly photographed but fundamentally trashy affair, "Stoker" capture's Park's visual fascinations, poetically applying them to this gripping tale of familial perversion. The musical score courtesy of Clint Mansell perfectly assimilates the movie's traditional structure into the sound scape, but also the seductive, ethereal undertones that render the overall product so dazing, dark and picturesque. It's a soft and subtle listen, a lovely selection on which to end the year. Also included below is the Emily Wells song "Becomes the Colour" that plays over the movie's stark final frames and credits. It conjures a graceful unease, but ultimately just sounds really measured and cool. Enjoy.

Happy 2014 guys! 

Emily Wells - Becomes the Colour 

Clint Mansell - In Full Bloom 

An article by Daniel Kelly, 2013


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