3 March 2014

Box-Office Update: Neeson gives Christ a whoopin'

Back in 2008 a little film called “Taken” turned respected Irish actor Liam Neeson into a surprise action star, and almost 6-years later his credibility in the genre hasn’t much waned. His latest success, the airborne mystery “Non-Stop” topped the Box-Office with $30 million over the weekend. This places it behind 2012’s “Taken 2” (which totalled $50 million on its autumnal bow) but it’s still a big opening for this time of year. Clearly audiences want more of Neeson landing blows on bad guys, even if critics were sniffy. In fact Neeson is so beloved that this weekend he bested Christ himself, with the biblically oriented “Son of God” arriving in 2nd place, albeit posting a pretty respectable $26.5 million. The movie tracked well with Christian demographics before release, which coupled with weak reviews probably mean it’s very front-loaded. Still, while the numbers aren't godly, they hold up.

“LEGO” became the first movie to pass $200 million domestically in 3rd, taking its month total to $209 million. “The Monuments Men” (also in release for a month) continued to draw audience attention in a less spectacular fashion, accruing another $5 million in 4th. It’s banked $65 million domestically, which isn’t bad considering the negative buzz associated with the product. The badly received Kevin Costner actioner “3 Days to Kill” took $4.9 million on its second week, placing 5th. Even worse was last week’s uber-flop “Pompeii”, with has just $17 million in the bank. For most wide releases that number’s unflattering, but it’s especially troubling when considering the movie’s projected $100 million budget. 

 Box-Office – 2/03/14

1. Non-Stop - $30 Million 
2. Son of God - $26.5 Million 
3. The LEGO Movie - $21.5 Million 
4. The Monuments Men - $5 Million 
5. 3 Days to Kill - $4.9 Million 
6. RoboCop - $4.5 Million 
7. Pompeii - $4.3 Million 
8. Frozen - $3.6 Million 
9. About Last Night - $3.4 Million 
10. Ride Along - $3 Million 

An article by Daniel Kelly, 2014


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