18 November 2014

House-Keeping & All That Jazz

A few small pieces of house-keeping. 

Firstly, an apology. Last month I confessed that output would slow for the next few months, and I wasn't wrong. For that, I'm sorry. Come December I will make a special effort to update the blog with loads of end of year goodies, and a ton of capsule (catch-up) reviews. 

Secondly, I actually received a response from Paramount concerning my piece on the release pattern for "The Gambler". I stand by the themes  of the article, even if it now transpires the UK will get the film in January after all. Official outlets like the IMDB, still have the picture pegged for May 2015, but the studio are saying otherwise. It's sweet news, and I thank them for their tweet-centric clarification. 

Thirdly, I should be uploading some regular audio content soon, as I've begun to regularly work with Blast106FM in the Greater Belfast area. It'll all be available here on the blog, I assure you. 

Last but not least, a recommendation for some other filmic listening. I'm a huge podcast enthusiast, and have recently been devouring episodes of the John August & Craig Mazin hosted podcast Scriptnotes, the ever listenable /FilmCast & Ian Loring and Mark Foster's rough and ready Dude & a Monkey. Each has a unique style and perspective, but all are awesome fodder for your inner cinephile. 

Just look for them on itunes. Whatever that is. 

Cheers guys,



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